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The Schedule

This five-day schedule is fully customisable to fit your own individual timings and needs.

Image by Shubham Dhage

Day 1 

Orientation: Self-Exploration and Awareness

Core Activities:


Additional or Alternate Activities:

Image by Shubham Dhage

Day 2

Virtual Work Experience + Skills Training: Real industry exposure, real industry experience. 

Students begin the day by selecting Virtual Work Experience modules that they would like to complete, coupling them with the aligned Skills Training modules.

Core Activities:


Additional or Alternate Activities:

Day 3

Virtual Work Experience and Skills Training continued.

Students continue to work on their modules from Day 2. As modules have varying durations, if they have completed their first module/s they can continue working on additional industries and skills of interest.

Core Activities:

Additional or Alternate Activities:

Bathroom Wall

Day 4:

Resumes & ePortfolios: Learn the ins and outs of searching for a job – finish the day with a resume and an ePortfolio.

Core Activities:

Additional or Alternate Activities:

Ball in Cube

Day 5

Applications and Interviews

Core Activities:

Additional or Alternate Activities:

  • Classroom Interview Practice

  • Classroom Elevator Pitch Practice

  • Mock Interviews with Industry


Join The Careers Department

Take care of your Work Experience Week and 2024 Careers Program.  Work Experience Week is only one part of what The Careers Department does.  Request a demo, or:


Download The Teacher Guide

With our customisable guide, you can build your work experience program. With timings and task details, every teacher supporting or supervising will know what to expect.


Download The Student Guide

Whether students are working individually or in a group; at school or at home, this customisable guide will ensure they always know what to do and when to do it. 

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